Medical marijuana facility proposed for MacTier

GEORGIAN BAY TSP. – Is pot the right path for MacTier?
The Township of Georgian Bay is looking for the community’s input on the potential of allowing a company to turn the MacTier Arena into a facility for medical marijuana. A public meeting is planned for early next month to see what locals think the future of the centre should be.

Louise Rivett, councillor with the Township of Georgian Bay, said the facility could have significant advantages for the community.

“The operation is for legalized medical marijuana and there’s a potential that it will create between 12 and 35 full-time jobs in the community,” said Rivett. “All of their distribution would be done through Canada Post, which is right across the street – 1,200 orders a day – which brings some viability to our Canada Post office, which is at risk right now if you talk to the feds.”

According to Rivett, the MacTier Arena requires a significant amount of work and also has a high operational cost for the municipality. The cost to operate the facility is close to $250,000 a year, while it generates about $40,000 in income. The balance is funded by taxpayers.

“With the potential of having a company assume the arena and all the costs and operations it frees up our resources and our funds and allows us to consider building new facilities,” said Rivett. “We can build those facilities with capital we can raise along with infrastructure money the federal government has released and is available to us, up to $51 million – a lot of cash.”

Rivett said the potential to have a business take over the facility makes it a good time to discuss whether the community should look to renovate the existing arena or relocate it.

The township’s master plan, completed two years ago, calls for recreation areas to be located in an area of MacTier that is still being developed.

Rivett stressed that any changes made will follow community wishes.
“If it turns out the community is dead against it the council will definitely listen to that. If it seems there’s an appetite in the community, then we will continue our discovery, keeping the community involved every step of the way. There’s nothing hidden here. It’s completely transparent and it’s open for discussion.”

The public meeting will be held on Saturday, May 4, at 1 p.m. in the MacTier arena. A representative from the company will be on hand to give a presentation and answer questions.–medical-marijuana-facility-proposed-for-mactier

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