Cannabis Based Therapeutics for Pets


Marijuana butter picture

Cannabis infused butter and oils serves as the basic building block for a myriad of edible products for both humans and animals. In theory any product that contains butter or oil can effectively be made into an edible cannabis product. While the vast majority of cannabis cooking oils and butters are homemade, there are multiple commercial products available for purchase at medical marijuana dispensaries.


Marijuana Dog Biscuits

cannabis dog biscuit picture

A Dog Biscuit made with cannabis infused butter





Unsalted Butter containing Medical Marijuana

Marijuana butter picture

Butter Infused With Medical Marijuana


Cannabis Infused Olive Oil:

Cannabis cooking oil picture

Cannabis infused cooking oil

Human Products Produced With Cannabis Butter and for Sale at Dispensaries:

Cannabis Cakes

marijuana cakes picture

Cannabis Cakes



Cannabis Cookies


marijuana cookies pictures

Gourmet Marijuana Cookies


Carmel Pop Corn Produced with Canna Butter

marijuana popcorn picture

Carmel Pop Corn Produced with Canna Butter

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